There is an application settings help file ( when Maven is installed. It is located at C:\AgWare\Maven\web on the server.


    // Application: Configure options for the Maven web application.

    "Application" : {

        // Name: Optional name to display in the site banner.

        "Name": "QA",

        // Color: Optional color to use for the site header.

        //   Accepts any valid CSS color value.

        "Color": "lightyellow"


    // Authentication: Configure options for Authenticating Users within Maven.

    "Authentication": {

      // Method: Set the Authentication Method to use.

      //   Options: "Windows", "Azure"

      "Method": "Windows",

      // AzureAd: Configure settings for using Azure Active Directory Authentication.

      //   Applies only if "Method" is set to "Azure".

      //   See "Maven Azure AD Setup" guide for details on use.

      "AzureAd": {

        "Instance": "",

        "Domain": "localhost",

        "TenantId": "<Tenant ID>",

        "ClientId": "<Client ID>",

        "CallbackPath": "/signin-ad",

        "ClientSecret": "<Client Secret>"




    // ConnectionStrings: Configure Connection Strings for the database used by Maven.

    "ConnectionStrings": {

      // DefaultConnection: The only Connection String currently used by Maven. Set to the

      //   Connection String of the Sales Database.

      //   Example:

      //     "Data Source=(local);Initial Catalog=Maven;Integrated Security=True;MultipleActiveResultSets=true"

      //   **Note: Backslashes must be escaped using another backslash, i.e. there must be 2 backslashes between

      //   the server name and the instance name.

      //   For more examples see

 "DefaultConnection": "Data Source=(local);Initial Catalog=AgWare;Integrated Security=True;MultipleActiveResultSets=true"


    // Database: Database configuration options.

    "Database": {

      // Autoupdate: Configure whether or not to have Maven automatically update the database

      //   to the latest schema on startup. If 'false', the databse will have to be updated

      //   manually using db-update.exe before Maven will run.

      //   Options: true, false

      "Autoupdate": false,

      // CommandTimeout: Time, in seconds, to wait while executing database queries.

      "CommandTimeout": 30


    // GoogleMaps: Options for using Google Maps in Maven. There are currently no options

    //   here that should be modified.

    "GoogleMaps": {

      "APIKey": "AIzaSyAL4labvfmcYYvCpZbggv5-1-TdiKqoDhE"


    // Logging: Options for configuring the Logs Maven writes to for troubleshooting.

    "Logging": {

      "LogLevel": {

        // Default: The level of detail that Maven writes to its Logs.

        //   Options: "Warning", "Information"

        //   Set to "Information" to have Maven log more detailed info to the logs. This will

        //   result in larger log files on the server.

        "Default": "Warning"


      "PathFormat": "Logs/Maven_Log_{Date}.txt",

      "FileSizeLimitBytes": null,

      "RetailedFileCountLimit": 14


    // SignalR: Options for configuring the SignalR Hub connections.

    "SignalR": {

        "EnableDetailedErrors": false,

        "MaximumReceiveMessageSize": 268435456


    // SupportBee: Configuration of the SupportBee API used to submit log files and errors

    //   to AgWare.

    "SupportBee": {

      // Api: Configuration of the API endpoint to use. These values should not be modified.

      "Api": {

        "BaseAddress": "",

        "AuthToken": "gzSxCAqsoM5UKo7dvVxC"


      // Customer: Customization of the Customer information that is sent with SupportBee tickets.

      "Customer": {

        // DefaultEmail: Fallback email address used by Maven. This should not be modified.

        "DefaultEmail": "",

        // CustomerName: Name that will appear in SupportBee tickets submitted to AgWare.

        "CustomerName": "",

        // CustomerEmail: Email address of the Customer that is used when submitting tickets

        //   to AgWare.

        "CustomerEmail": ""



    // Reports: Options for the Reports that are generated by Maven.

    "Reports": {

        // CustomTemplatePath: Absolute path to a directory containing .docx files to use as

        //   Custom Report Templates. If not set, Maven uses Tempates\Custom inside its own directory.

        //   Examples:

        //      \\\\SERVER-NAME\\Documents\\MavenTemplates

        //      D:\\Documents\\Reports\\MavenTemplates

        //   Note that `\` characters must be doubled-up to work.

        "CustomTemplatePath": ""


    "AllowedHosts": "*"