When editing a sale in Datalog, the data is saved on disk into an XML file. We use the extension .uaar-sale instead of .xml for our files.

Here is an example of a .uaar-sale file as saved from the DataLog application

Bogey to Bacall.uaar-sale

… and here is a printout of the example file. We actually have several different report formats for the printouts. This version closely matches our actual input screen.

Bogey to Bacall.pdf

XML Mapping

See how the data maps to fields in the UAAR Sale sheet Sales Sheet XML Mapping

XML Schema Definition file

UaarSale.xsd is an XML Schema Definition file. We actually don’t try to enforce this in our editing of the files. However other partners have found this useful in mapping to our XML file. This file was generated a number of years ago and does not reflect all the current avaliable attributes currently in use.