See Security for all roles.

Chattel Specific Security Roles

AG_AddCommidity [Applies to Chattel]
Users can add commodities in the setup section.

AG_AddConditions [Applies to Chattel]

Users can add conditions in the setup section.

AG_AddMakeAndModel [Applies to Chattel]
Users can add makes and models in the setup section.

AG_AddTypes [Applies to Chattel]

Users can add types in the setup section.

AG_BusinessAdmin [Applies to Chattel]

Users have access to the setup section.

AG_ChattelUser [Applies to Chattel]

Users have access to Chattel.

AG_MobileApp [Applies to Chattel]

Users Authorized to use the Mobile App.

AG_ModelAdmin [Applies to Chattel]

Users can edit templates in the Setup section

AG_ModelEditor [Applies to Chattel]

Not currently used.

AG_ReadOnly [Applies to Chattel]

Users with access to search sales.

AG_ReportCreate [Applies to Chattel]

Users can create reports.

AG_ReportSupervisor [Applies to Chattel]

Users Allowed to Rollback Valuation.

AG_ReportView [Applies to Chattel]

Users are able to view reports.

AG_SubjectEntry [Applies to Chattel]
Users can enter subjects.

AG_SystemAdmin [Applies to Chattel] 
Users can set up 3rd party integration and see mobile data statuses. 


ChattelWebService [Applies to Chattel]
This role should not be assigned to end users. It should be used by the service account connecting to the database from the Web Application.